Sunday, 27 February 2011

Pendraken Anglo Saxons.

Here's a couple of quick photos of some Pendraken Anglo Saxons,Its an army I started ages ago and then put to one side and have now started to paint more units for it.As always click to enlarge.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Battle of Towton 550th Anniversary.

This year See's the 550th Anniversary of the Battle of Towton England's bloodiest battle even if the numbers of men present and casualties past down where overestimated.If your ever in the area of Towton give the site a visit,not much has changed since 1461(the road is now has tarmac on it) I went a few years ago, went midweek and apart from me and a mate there where only two other people about and managed to get to see every thing we wanted.Here's the link and poster for The Towton Battle field Society.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Next big rules set for the Grand scale?

With the departure of Rick Priestly from Warhammer Historical in the last few months it now seems likely that Warmaster will see very little support from them.Warmaster was the rules set that in my opinion brought gaming in the grand scale into the light(so to speak)So what does the future hold for rules sets that put 6mm and 10mm war gaming as a standard? At the moment we've got 'Warmaster' a very good set, the books that are out cover enough periods and I think it will be the main stay for some time to come,but what of the future?
T B Lines 'Anticamente' has just been released a very nice set for Hex gaming if that's your thing (and its free to download)Baccus are releasing 'Polemos'for Ancient to Medieval so this also would be a strong contender.'Impetus' is another rules set that looks and plays very well in 6mm and 10mm.
As always you got the likes of the 'DBX' type games with a new DBA in the process,not strictly a grand scale game but again looks and plays great when played so. And of course there's Mr P's new game 'Hail Caesar' that looks like it may get a 6mm/10mm conversion( thanks to Beccas for the heads up on that) So how will you be playing your Granscale games in 2011?

TB Line launch new Blog for Anticamente.

The nice Italian chaps over at TB Line have just launched a Blog devoted to their rules set Anticamente,well worth a look if that's your hex game of choice. This Blog even gets a mention so must be worth a look :-)

Here's the link