Saturday, 15 January 2011

Hail Caesar! with the Grandscale?

Rick Priestley has given lots of details about Warlords new rules set Hail Caesar (on the Warlord web site) and I noticed he mentioned playing the rules with
6/10mm,Hmm? is Mr Priestley looking to bring players over from Warmaster? I think it may well be worth a look.


  1. On the Hail Caesar yahoo group he has promised a formula so you can convert his warmaster armies into Hail Caesar armies. It's a good group to join.

  2. Thanks for the info :-)I think I may just join that group.


  3. I play Black Powder (Rick Priestley's rules for gaming 1700-1900) with 10mm miniatures and it works well with a change to the ranges to use cm in stead of inches. The mechanics seem to be evolved from elements of Warmaster, so I imagine Hail Caesar! will be similar.