Thursday, 27 January 2011

A few words from the runner up T B Lines Fabio G. Farneti.

Just recived an e.mail from this years runner up T B Lines Fabio G. Farneti.
Thought id pass them on.Over to you Fabio.....

'For us it was an honor to participate in your poll for the second time.

The second place to a single vote from the first ... a tremendous accomplishment and never expected!

I would thank everyone who voted for us, because doing so encourages us to continue and improve.

I would like to make our congratulations to Pendraken for the good work done in 2010
And finally, thanks to Jason for his wonderful blog and the attention he has towards the 10mm

Fabio G. Farneti'

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  1. I just checked out their Romans, Gauls and Medieval figures. Absolutely superb! I'm going to buy some Gaul warriors to be my Nobles for FOG and I'm sorely tempted to buy their hastati and principes (despite having an army of Pendraken ones already) as they're so damn good!

    If I go into medieval next year, I'm probably going to use TB figures. Just look at their Teutonic Knights and crossbowmen!