Wednesday, 5 January 2011

6mm BKC Battle Report.

Not a game I was involved in but it was played at my Local club Copple and Chorley Knights (CACK)and posted on the clubs web site so here it is in all its short 6mm glory.Thanks go to Justin as always for the battle report.

Learning from previous defeats I went for a tank heavy force in fact practically every tank I had in my Italian force and pushing the limit of 18 tanks in a battle group. But I decided to use M13/40's to capture the spirit of using Italians, with a couple of SP A/T guns to help out.
2000 points against Simon P's Hungarians.
I took 5 command groups, a CinC and 4 commanders (2 CV8, 2 CV7) and some infantry - in case the scenario meant that something had to be held or captured. The CV7 commanders controlled the infantry - who cares if they got a poor roll - and the CV8s to the tanks.

Two Italian tank groups and one of the two infantry groups

The terrain was fairly simple, some hedged fields, woods and hills.

Simons plan was simple - same as mine - use the far side of the hill as protection, then come up to the crest and start shooting. But it all went wrong for him, OK the Hungarians got to the crest of the hill but then fluffed their command rolls (CV) and kept on fluffing them, so they were just targets.
On the the other hand the Italians just kept on passing their CV. Need a 5 or a 4, no problem and in fact got 4 double one rolls (do two actions instead of one) in 4 turns. Result a very one-sided game.

Burning Hungarian tanks on that hill!

Italian infantry, waste of time as expected

German artillery was fearsome however, one to watch for.


  1. What did you use for the hedgerows? They came out well at that scale.