Monday, 10 January 2011

2011 Projects.

Well the new year is under way and thoughts turn to projects new.10mm Feudals hopefully Scandinavian and Holy Roman Empire,this may take the form of one army for Warmaster with different command stands and banner equipped bases(with a few different troop types) for use depending on the game being fought.

Also with many thanks to Fabio at TB Line another project is to be started Anticamente and Hex gaming!!!This is something completely new for me a totally different type of rules than I'm used to playing on a completely new field of battle, modular hexes

I thinking of doing a historically accurate(as close as possible)battlefield not sure which to do maybe something from the wars between the Feudal English and the Welsh or Lewes or Maybe the battle beyond the walls of Acre.I will be posting regular updates on the progress of the battlefield, the armies and how the rules play etc.



  1. Looks very interesting, ill happily help you play test it.....when and if the powers that be sort out a house for me, and i get over there!


  2. I'll be watching this with interest. :)

  3. Best wishes with this project... hope you will have fun has much I do!... loosing tournament a part...


  4. Thanks for the comments chaps,hopefully first report soon, Steve,Looking forward to giving you game in SUNNY Lancashire :-)