Thursday, 27 January 2011

And now a word from the winner, Leon from Pendraken....

Now a few words from Leon of Pendraken,Ladies and gentlemen your winner!!!!....

'Woo hoo! Good to see, I know it was getting very close towards the end there!

I must say well done to TB Line though, for a relatively new company with only a few ranges under their belt, they've done fantastically well. Congrats to Fabio and the team over there.
'Excellent news! I was a bit worried for a while at the end, as TB Line were ahead of us at one point I think? As I've said in the thread, they've done a fantastic job, to beat a company with the size of ranges of MM is no mean feat.

So we'll be going for the hat-trick next year then! '

A few words from the runner up T B Lines Fabio G. Farneti.

Just recived an e.mail from this years runner up T B Lines Fabio G. Farneti.
Thought id pass them on.Over to you Fabio.....

'For us it was an honor to participate in your poll for the second time.

The second place to a single vote from the first ... a tremendous accomplishment and never expected!

I would thank everyone who voted for us, because doing so encourages us to continue and improve.

I would like to make our congratulations to Pendraken for the good work done in 2010
And finally, thanks to Jason for his wonderful blog and the attention he has towards the 10mm

Fabio G. Farneti'


Hello Chaps,
For some unknown reason the poll table for the best 10mm has re-set its self??(how can this be??) to a very odd number saying only 88 votes, when at the final count last night there where nearly 200. Luckily I make a note of the votes each day. So the final result will be taken from last nights vote count.

So the top three best 10mm voted by you are:-

1st Pendraken Miniatures
2nd T B Line
3rd Magister Militum

WELL DONE!!! to Pendraken, with only one vote between first and second it was a close thing.Congrats also to TB Line for picking up a place on last years result and giving Pendraken some good competition.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Normans from Baccus.

Saw these on the Baccus news page last week so I'm a bit late posting these,but better late than never Normans from Baccus for those that haven't seen them (photo from the Baccus web site). Very nice :-)

Monday, 24 January 2011

Anticamente army lists out now.

For those who like their war gaming Hex style give Anticamente a go. The first set of army list are now available for free (as is the rule book!) on the TB Line web page.There's also talk that T B Line may be coming to the UK with a tournment or at one of our wargames shows which would be nice to see them along side Pendraken, Magister Militum and Kallistra giving 10mm a good showing :-)


Saturday, 15 January 2011

Hail Caesar! with the Grandscale?

Rick Priestley has given lots of details about Warlords new rules set Hail Caesar (on the Warlord web site) and I noticed he mentioned playing the rules with
6/10mm,Hmm? is Mr Priestley looking to bring players over from Warmaster? I think it may well be worth a look.

Monday, 10 January 2011

2011 Projects.

Well the new year is under way and thoughts turn to projects new.10mm Feudals hopefully Scandinavian and Holy Roman Empire,this may take the form of one army for Warmaster with different command stands and banner equipped bases(with a few different troop types) for use depending on the game being fought.

Also with many thanks to Fabio at TB Line another project is to be started Anticamente and Hex gaming!!!This is something completely new for me a totally different type of rules than I'm used to playing on a completely new field of battle, modular hexes

I thinking of doing a historically accurate(as close as possible)battlefield not sure which to do maybe something from the wars between the Feudal English and the Welsh or Lewes or Maybe the battle beyond the walls of Acre.I will be posting regular updates on the progress of the battlefield, the armies and how the rules play etc.


Wednesday, 5 January 2011

6mm BKC Battle Report.

Not a game I was involved in but it was played at my Local club Copple and Chorley Knights (CACK)and posted on the clubs web site so here it is in all its short 6mm glory.Thanks go to Justin as always for the battle report.

Learning from previous defeats I went for a tank heavy force in fact practically every tank I had in my Italian force and pushing the limit of 18 tanks in a battle group. But I decided to use M13/40's to capture the spirit of using Italians, with a couple of SP A/T guns to help out.
2000 points against Simon P's Hungarians.
I took 5 command groups, a CinC and 4 commanders (2 CV8, 2 CV7) and some infantry - in case the scenario meant that something had to be held or captured. The CV7 commanders controlled the infantry - who cares if they got a poor roll - and the CV8s to the tanks.

Two Italian tank groups and one of the two infantry groups

The terrain was fairly simple, some hedged fields, woods and hills.

Simons plan was simple - same as mine - use the far side of the hill as protection, then come up to the crest and start shooting. But it all went wrong for him, OK the Hungarians got to the crest of the hill but then fluffed their command rolls (CV) and kept on fluffing them, so they were just targets.
On the the other hand the Italians just kept on passing their CV. Need a 5 or a 4, no problem and in fact got 4 double one rolls (do two actions instead of one) in 4 turns. Result a very one-sided game.

Burning Hungarian tanks on that hill!

Italian infantry, waste of time as expected

German artillery was fearsome however, one to watch for.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Best 10mm 2010? As always you decide.

Well another new year ahead and who knows what the 10mm market will give us? But looking back to last year who do you think gave you the best 10mm quality. Have your vote on the best 10mm poll on the right had column of this page.In last years poll you voted Pendraken the best, will they come top again? You decide.