Monday, 13 December 2010

With winter here.

With winter here thought Id post some photos (staying with the Italian theme) of a tournament in Rome that I saw first posted on the Impetus Forum sometime back ...Maybe we should all war game in Italy? Summers just around the corner:-) If you are in the photos and want it removing let me know and I will remove.


  1. Looks very nice, so, hows wargaming in sunny Lancashire?
    Random question i know but im moving to just outside Preston in the new year. Im hoping to get some gaming in before i get shipped off to Cyprus in the summer!!


  2. Hello Steve,

    Wargaming is good here in gods own county :-)There are a few good clubs that game every week.The club I'm a member of is Copple and Chorley Knights(CACK) based in Chorley a good club with loads of tables,scenery etc and a bar, a lot of members quite a few who live in and just outside Preston so you'll easily get weekly games in, if the need arises.
    Cyprus ehh? Jammey sod,great place.


  3. Sounds very promising, especially after living in Germany for the last 2 years, with hardly any gamers, and them being spread to the four winds....

    I tried the CACK website but it seems to be down. Ill have another look later, cheers for the heads up.