Monday, 13 December 2010

10mm Wargaming in Italy.

For those of you who haven't seen Wargaming in Italy take a look.Here's a link to an Italian Blog In this post the author Massimo Moscarelli becomes the Italian champion of Anticamente ( an Italian rules set by TB Line) Its well worth a look for some of the 10mm battles on show. Look out for the photo of the not very happy looking chap with the beard(Very funny). I was unable to hyper link so youll have to copy/paste,Sorry.


  1. Looks very good, the minis and terrain look great.

    Got to feel for the hairy faced guy...we've all been there!! hahaha


  2. Good link, thanks for sharing!

  3. Unfortunately I'm the one with the beard ... a mix of errors and bad die roll made me throw away the championship .... I had to be the champion of Anticamente! (I was in the lead up to that point)



    PS welcome back!

  4. I'm the guy who won! Thank you for the link. If you want to see more photos you can go to a friend of mine's blog: