Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Here's some news of a new rules set that has been on release in Italian for some time but as from today is available in English. Anticamente is made by and available from TB Line.Its a hex based rules set that lends itself very well to the 10mm and 6mm figure scale.Ive been lucky enough to see a pre-release copy and have to say it looks really well,lots of nice eye candy photos and diagrams to help explain the various mechanics of the game etc.I think it will be a good addition to the market for people who like their games in the Grand scale.Its a release that other 10mm manufactures will like also as it does encourage the use of 10mm etc,(which apart from Warmaster I don't think any other rules set does) so more people buy more armies in this scale. Also the rules as the TB line web site say can be downloaded for free!!:-) or you can purchase a printed copy from them. The TB Line link is on my links list if you need to see more info from them. I think they are and will be one of the bigger players and advocates in the 10mm market in the future,which can only be a good thing.

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  1. hi,

    Ive just had a quick look at these rules and i have to say they look promising, but of course there is the problem of Hex terrain that i dont have any of, or the space for.

    Maybe i could get a hotz mat with hex's printed on. cheers for the link though.