Friday, 22 October 2010

6mm Vikings from Baccus.

For those who haven't already seen these, here's the greens of Baccus Vikings

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Gauls from TB Line.

Here's the latest offering from TB Line The Gauls, as always very nice. TB Line fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the 10mm arena. I think a UK supplier would help their cause.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Links updated

Ive just added two new links for 6mm these are Rapier Miniatures, nice miniatures they remind me of early Baccus.And Irregular great for equipment and scenery.also updated the link for H&R as the old one wasn't working.

Friday, 1 October 2010

A VERY brief battle report.

Last night we ran a 1250pt Warmaster Ancients game for some new chaps using 6mm Baccus (apart from the camels which are H and R) Armies. Heres Justins take on the game,the photos where taken around the last turn and only on one half of the table there where more units on the table(honest).By the way this is the second time in two weeks he's lead Rome to defeat :-)

OK we ran the WMA intro game last night.

Jason provided both 6mm armies. Imperial Romans vs Seleucids, 1250 points a side.

The Romans were mostly legionaries with some artillery, archers, auxila and a bit of cavalry to back them up.

The Seleucids were a real mix of; pikes, cataphracts (heavily armoured lance armed cavalry), elephants, camels, foot and cavalry skirmishers.

As well as Jason and myself, John, Shaun and Colin were also participating.

Sorry there are not loads of pictures but I was rather busy - as well as having my supper at the same time.

After smashing through on the right - destroying some Seleucid light cavalry, camels and 3 units of pikes - the Romans advance and subsequently destroy a unit of skirmishers, using a unit of legionaries, heavy cavalry and auxila. Confident of victory, Jason can be seen saying 'bring it on!"
The Seleucids counter-attack and it is a disaster for the Romans. A unit of pikes and cataphract cavalry charge into a unit of legionaries but the most significant event was the Seleucid elephants charging the Roman heavy cavalry (circled in red), led by the Roman CinC. As was almost certain, the elephants slaughtered the cavalry and killed the Roman commander. Victory to the Seleucids.

Good game, a lot of aspects of the game covered and at least another 2 players joining Jason in the march towards 6mm armies.