Thursday, 9 September 2010

Medieval German Command Stand..

Here's the start of a new 10mm Warmaster project.I'm going to put together a Medieval German Army.I will use the Barbarossa list from the book,its a little early for what I want but its usable. I'm going to use the Medieval range from TB Line, this will be the first time Ive used their Figs. I must admit these seem to be the best on the market at the moment a little fiddly to put together as the Cavalry come in three parts(Rider,Shield and Horse)but they are a fantastic figure to look at and paint. Ive not yet bought the remainder of the army (I got these Figs from VVV) so I'm not sure what the service from Italy will be but will let you know when I do.Well Ive gone on enough so here's the latest..Figures are TB LINE, Transfers are VVV, Banner is FREEZYWATER(painted over). Sorry about the quality of the photos,a new camera needed, so as always click to enlarge.


  1. Looks bloody superb - well done!
    Could you de a small review on the Freezywater banners? I have been wondering about them but unable to find recommendations and/or pictures of them...

  2. I forgot - could you include a size comparison of the (excellent) TBLine with some of the other companies out there (preferable Kallistra if you have them..)
    Pretty please?

  3. Hello Kasper,
    Yep will do size comparison photos and post up some photos of freezy water banners Ive used. Tb Line close to Magister Militum, All the Freezy water banners Ive used (and Ive used a lot) have been good but if you paint over them they blend in better.

  4. Excellent job... I am painting a big mongol army using TB Line miniatures, but sadly they doesn't looks so cool....

    About comparison TB Line miniatures with other producers, I may not offer any help because TB Line is my first experience in 10mm, but you may find useful this post:

    About their service I find it excellent, but my opinion might not be impartial because I live in the same city of the producer :-) ... so here another post you may find useful:


  5. Nice models and a great paint job on your test stand. I love TB line figures, he is probably producing some of the nicest cavalry out there, sorely tempted to get some of the Islam ones.

    Can I ask what grass mat you've got in the photos? I'm in the market for one and I'm trying to decide, so it's good to see some in "real life" rather than on a manufacturer's webpage.

  6. Thanks for the comments chaps :-)
    Fabrizio thanks for the links I will try those,
    Simon the grass mat is the one GW used to do that was paper backed so you could glue to wood boards(as I did).Im not sure they still make that one.


  7. A great start Jason- obviously I cannot wait to see more!

    Just a thought, we're really starting to get some excellent Medieval blogs going at the mo'and that cannot be a bad thing!


  8. Thanks Darrell,Yep I agree there's some great Medieval Blogs about yours included,When will we see you use your talented brush on some 10mm? :-)