Thursday, 5 August 2010

VVV Release new 10mm Transfers.

VVV have just released their new sets of 10mm medieval transfers great for putting on barding,banners or shields. Ive got mine(THANKS JUSTIN) and will be painting up some medievals to put them on, here's some photos from the VVV web site.


  1. The decal heraldry really enhances the unit. I'm waiting for the release of similar transfers for some 25mm OG Feudal Knights. I can't bring myself to paint the same arms on shields, surcoats, AND horse barding. Dean

  2. Justin from VVV here, most of the 10mm designs are already available as 25mm versions (and indeed 15mm). 10mm is a new area for VVV, its a bit tough to do because the tolerances are so fine but the results are worth it.