Monday, 30 August 2010

10mm In the Wargames press get it wrong...Agian.

Just reading through this months Wargames Illustrated, as always very a good wargames mag :-)....But as always showing photos of 10mm armies they got it wrong under a photo of a HYW era army they put ' archers at Bannockburn..'!!??(there's even knights on foot in full plate and a French banner and knight wearing Hounds Hood or Dogs Face Bascinet) when will the war games press do a good article on 10mm war gaming and show the right figure with the right caption. If it had been in 28mm and they have used HYW figures to show the battle of Bannockburn I'm sure the letters and e.mails would nave poured in.The miniatures are available for the Bannockburn era so why not use them?

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  1. Tried to post here before and failed miserably! You're quite right about the tendency to put 'any old mediaevals' on the table, but they were n't that far wrong. Wargame manufacturers are usually a generation too early in depictions of the wars of independence, so early - and I stress 'early' - HYW figures are pretty sound all-in-all.