Monday, 30 August 2010

10mm In the Wargames press get it wrong...Agian.

Just reading through this months Wargames Illustrated, as always very a good wargames mag :-)....But as always showing photos of 10mm armies they got it wrong under a photo of a HYW era army they put ' archers at Bannockburn..'!!??(there's even knights on foot in full plate and a French banner and knight wearing Hounds Hood or Dogs Face Bascinet) when will the war games press do a good article on 10mm war gaming and show the right figure with the right caption. If it had been in 28mm and they have used HYW figures to show the battle of Bannockburn I'm sure the letters and e.mails would nave poured in.The miniatures are available for the Bannockburn era so why not use them?

Friday, 13 August 2010

This weeks game.(BKC2)

Here's a AAR of this weeks game of BKC2.The report and photos are by Justin (thanks Justin).I think Ive put the photos in the right order. (as always click on photos for a larger view)Enjoy:-)

OK so we had planned a big 6 player game but it got mucked up because we thought that Simon P and Oliver were coming down but they are due next week instead. So OK only 4 of us (Jason, James, Rob and me) a combined British/Russian force vs a German holdout force (based near a Tiger factory it seems). Scenario 6 Exploitation. In this game the table is divided into 3 bands; front, central and rear. If the attackers (the allied force) can capture the middle band they gain a minor victory and if they can capture the rear zone they get a major victory. Oh yes and they have 8 turns to do it in.
Forces; 4400 to the allies (they rolled +10%) and 2400 to the Germans (we rolled -10%). The German forces where mainly spent on Tigers (2 Tiger I and 3 Tiger II) with just enough infantry to claim the sectors. We were using 6mm models, basically to try the rules out but no reason not to use a larger scale - say 15mm - for better visual effect. Our 6mm armies work out about £40 a head (with a lot more tanks than we were using in this game.
The battlefield, with the Germans deployed in the central and rear zones, The allies use mobile deployment and move on from the table edge. German defences are based on a wood on the left (held by 2 Tiger I's) a wood in the centre bristling with German infantry (with panzershrecks) and hill on the right, dominated by a Tiger 2.

That heavily defended wood in the centre

Hill on the right with the Tiger II. More German infantry are manning the nearby hedges to protect the Tiger from close assault.

And on the left the wood held by Tiger I's supported by an infantry team.

The British arrive on the table, one tank brewed up by long range fire from the Tigers and 3 infantry groups suppressed.

The British artillery lays down a smoke screen to protect them from German fire but it drifts off target still allowing the Germans some targets.

British tanks taking fire but no tanks destroyed, just suppressed.

On the right the Soviets advance, T34s with infantry following on foot behind.

After overrunning the German infantry (who had no anti-tank weapons) the T34s advance and destroy the Tiger 2's. One was destroyed by an air strike and the other by massed fire from the advancing T34's.

Close up on the T34s

With the German right flank crushed, the Soviet infantry claimed the rear zone and contested the central zone. A major victory for the allies. We the Germans felt as the actual Germans must have felt in WW2. The allies dominating the skies and our superb tanks grossly out numbered by the attackers. I must buy some anti-tank guns.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

VVV Release new 10mm Transfers.

VVV have just released their new sets of 10mm medieval transfers great for putting on barding,banners or shields. Ive got mine(THANKS JUSTIN) and will be painting up some medievals to put them on, here's some photos from the VVV web site.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Every now and then.

As much as I enjoy painting any gaming in the Grandscale,every now and then I like to paint and game some 28mm. NO NEVER? BOO! HISS! I hear you say.But its true and heres my latest.