Friday, 9 July 2010

Warmaster battle Report.

Here's a report on this weeks game.the report was done by my opponent Justin.

Looking to try something different, Jason suggested a Warmaster Siege set in the Holy Land. Two equal point forces with the Crusaders defending a walled city with a cavalry relief force and the besieging Arabs equipped with 2 trebuchets (class as heavy artillery), two siege towers, 2 sets of ladders and a battering ram.
A wacky game, where the dice rolled high and low - mostly favouring the Arabs I have to say. Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, I had forgotten my normal camera and instead relied on my phone camera.
The setup with my forces having to get over the wall, past the defenders and capture the church within a time limit of 8 turns.

My plan was to weaken the walls with shooting then storm the walls using the two siege towers supported by the ladder equipped units. The siege towers once in place would allow other units to follow behind, so each unit of 'pushers' was supported by another unit of spearmen, ready to follow in support. I used my best spearmen to lead the attack. My cavalry and some ordinary spearmen were kept in reserve to deal with the Crusader relief force.
The Crusader knights arrived on-table and promptly threw a blunder command roll (double 6), If it my forces had been any closer, then the Crusaders would have retreated off the table away from my forces. As it was they stayed where they were debating to advance or not.

My cavalry await their enemies, light horse to the front.

As my forces approach the walls, the Crusaders sally out with a unit of knights.

Close up on the attacking infantry

The sally is highly effective, wiping out a unit of my archers and the ladder carrying infantry and forcing the infantry pushing a siege tower back, At one stroke, half my attacking forces have been neutralised.

But I counter-attack and eliminate the attacking cavalry. Typically (according to Jason) attacking the one stand they have remaining from both front and side.

The advance continues

And lo the walls come tumbling down. A very (very) lucky shot destroyed a section of the wall and all the defenders manning it. The way is open!

And just make matters worse for the defenders, one of the siege towers hits the adjacent wall section and overpowers the Cruaders.

But the Crusader relief force is making progress although disrupted by having to force their way past the Arab light cavalry

And then they fluff it. A charge by the Crusader knights goes horribly wrong. They lose the first round melee (shown in picture) and then the Arab cavalry pursue and annihilate them.
Breaking through the open section of the walls (with an insanely good command roll of double 1) my spearmen are advancing on the church (as per objective) when the Crusader army breaks and flees. With the loss of the entire relief force, many of the walls defenders and the units that sallied out of the city, the pressure was just to much and they fled in terror.

What won the game for me was the sudden and unexpected collapse of that section of wall. It was the weakest section of wall (defence value 3) but the trebuchets had been hitting it on a nice average basis (6 attack dice and one point of damage a turn) but then a rolled a 6, immediately the defence value fell to zero and I could pour troops in. Much easier than attacking over an intact wall - although siege towers are winners for this. I did not place much faith in the ladder equipped units, so was timing their attacks to support the siege towers. In the end they were not used, as one unit was wiped out in the sally and the other dropped their ladders when they saw the collapsed wall and went through the gap instead.

Horrible dice for Jason, although you could say that he won because they were all his figures!

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