Friday, 16 July 2010

Blitzkrieg intro game.

Here's a quick AAR of this weeks game.It was an intro game to Blitzkrieg Commander v2for my opponent Robb.Played with 2 British armies (a very British Civil War). Photos and report by Justin.

Now we have been playing a few games of Blitzkrieg Commander 2 over the last weeks and I think that finally everything came together last night. Commanders were being used correctly and with opportunity fire, which can blunt if not stop an attack.

The battlefield set up, objective the farm house (circled in red). Both sides using 2000 point forces of late war British, with Jason favouring Shermans and Rob using Cromwells.

Robs forces capture the objective and start setting up a defensive position occupying the nearby fields and creating areas of crossfire.

Robs forces are in place, just as Jason is approaching the area.

At the road junction a firefight breaks out with no particualr advantage to either side except that Robs Cromwells had the cover of the hedge. In the end all the Shermans were destroyed for no loss to the Cromwells.

Jason tries to cross the open fields to the objective but gets caught in the crossfire and wiped out. Even jammy die rolls, like the 4 saves (5+ needed) out of 4 hits (pictured) could not save him. A successful artillery strike disrupted the defenders (especially the infantry) but after huge losses, the attack ended there.

There was much debate during the game about what things would be like if we were using air power!

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  1. that cross firer looks deadly but a fun game for all by the looks of it