Saturday, 10 April 2010

Photos of this weeks battle.

Played a game of Warmaster this week at my local club (Copple and Chorley Knights, otherwise known as CACK). I took my Lancastrians and my opponent Justin took his Holy Roman Empire as Yorkist. Here are some photos taken by Justin during the game (a full report can be found on the WAB forum as posted by Justin),here's the link

The armies are from Pendraken(Lancs)and Kallistra(York) the transfers on the Kallistra miniatures are from Veni Vedi Veci Justin's transfer company and very nice they are too, well worth a look. As always click to enlarge

Monday, 5 April 2010

The best 10mm as voted by you is.........

Well all the votes are in (a BIG thanks to all for voting, there were nearly 200 votes).
As I type I'm opening the golden envelope and the winner is....... with 49% of the votes PENDRAKEN!!!Congratulations to them. Here are the final results:-

1st Pendraken.
2nd Magister Militum.
3rd TB Line.
4th Kallistra and Steve Barber Models( Joint 4th).
5th Old Glory.

Thanks again to all that voted lets see what 2010 will bring for next years poll.