Wednesday, 17 March 2010

T B Line (quick reveiw).

Just had a look at some of the TB Line miniatures, and I have to say they are very nice. In size they are somewhere between Magister Militum and Pendraken. But as with a lot of 10mm at the moment I'm not sure if you could mix them with any of the above in the same army,that said I'm going to get some and try and mix them into my Magister Militum Crusaders.The mounted figures I looked at came in 3 pieces(rider, shield and horse)and the packs contain 24 foot and 12 Mounted.In style they reminded me very much of Vexillia but in 10mm (must be the Italian styling)
I believe it took some time to get them from Italy (Italian post apparently). But they appear to be well worth the wait. My rating would be 9 out of 10 as the 3 piece riders may prove a little tiresome if putting a large mounted force together.

Thanks to Justin @ VVV for letting me borrow new figs for above review.