Thursday, 23 December 2010

Seasons Greetings!!

Just a quick post to wish all the followers and the tooters (for those of you that dont know what a 'toot' is. Its a quick look) a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Jason :-)

Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Here's some news of a new rules set that has been on release in Italian for some time but as from today is available in English. Anticamente is made by and available from TB Line.Its a hex based rules set that lends itself very well to the 10mm and 6mm figure scale.Ive been lucky enough to see a pre-release copy and have to say it looks really well,lots of nice eye candy photos and diagrams to help explain the various mechanics of the game etc.I think it will be a good addition to the market for people who like their games in the Grand scale.Its a release that other 10mm manufactures will like also as it does encourage the use of 10mm etc,(which apart from Warmaster I don't think any other rules set does) so more people buy more armies in this scale. Also the rules as the TB line web site say can be downloaded for free!!:-) or you can purchase a printed copy from them. The TB Line link is on my links list if you need to see more info from them. I think they are and will be one of the bigger players and advocates in the 10mm market in the future,which can only be a good thing.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010


I Put this together and painted a few years ago now, a 28mm Trebuchet (Gripping Beast).I know it not in the grandscale but I like it.I really must get back to some 10mm soon!!

Monday, 13 December 2010

With winter here.

With winter here thought Id post some photos (staying with the Italian theme) of a tournament in Rome that I saw first posted on the Impetus Forum sometime back ...Maybe we should all war game in Italy? Summers just around the corner:-) If you are in the photos and want it removing let me know and I will remove.

10mm Wargaming in Italy.

For those of you who haven't seen Wargaming in Italy take a look.Here's a link to an Italian Blog In this post the author Massimo Moscarelli becomes the Italian champion of Anticamente ( an Italian rules set by TB Line) Its well worth a look for some of the 10mm battles on show. Look out for the photo of the not very happy looking chap with the beard(Very funny). I was unable to hyper link so youll have to copy/paste,Sorry.

Vikings in 6mm

A while ago I posted some photos of Baccus(6mm) Vikings in the green stage. Well now the goodly fellow (Peter) at Baccus has posted up some painted up and based.And very nice they are too. Here's a photo from the Baccus Web site.

Who will you vote for?

With the end of another year in Grandscale Wargaming drawing near I will looking to post the poll for who was best in 2010 so get your thinking caps on and be ready to vote.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Another unit of the BIG chaps.

Ive been adding to a Lancastrian War of the Roses army in 28mm(BOO HISS!!??)project that's been on going for longer than I care to mention,heres the Continental Pikemen allies from France to fight for Margret of Anjou.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

T B Line Republican Romans

Here's the first veiw of the Republican Romans from T B Line(Yep they are 10mm!!!)
Very Nice :-) Enjoy.

Thanks to Fabio at T B Line for sending me the photo.


Friday, 22 October 2010

6mm Vikings from Baccus.

For those who haven't already seen these, here's the greens of Baccus Vikings

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Gauls from TB Line.

Here's the latest offering from TB Line The Gauls, as always very nice. TB Line fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the 10mm arena. I think a UK supplier would help their cause.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Links updated

Ive just added two new links for 6mm these are Rapier Miniatures, nice miniatures they remind me of early Baccus.And Irregular great for equipment and scenery.also updated the link for H&R as the old one wasn't working.

Friday, 1 October 2010

A VERY brief battle report.

Last night we ran a 1250pt Warmaster Ancients game for some new chaps using 6mm Baccus (apart from the camels which are H and R) Armies. Heres Justins take on the game,the photos where taken around the last turn and only on one half of the table there where more units on the table(honest).By the way this is the second time in two weeks he's lead Rome to defeat :-)

OK we ran the WMA intro game last night.

Jason provided both 6mm armies. Imperial Romans vs Seleucids, 1250 points a side.

The Romans were mostly legionaries with some artillery, archers, auxila and a bit of cavalry to back them up.

The Seleucids were a real mix of; pikes, cataphracts (heavily armoured lance armed cavalry), elephants, camels, foot and cavalry skirmishers.

As well as Jason and myself, John, Shaun and Colin were also participating.

Sorry there are not loads of pictures but I was rather busy - as well as having my supper at the same time.

After smashing through on the right - destroying some Seleucid light cavalry, camels and 3 units of pikes - the Romans advance and subsequently destroy a unit of skirmishers, using a unit of legionaries, heavy cavalry and auxila. Confident of victory, Jason can be seen saying 'bring it on!"
The Seleucids counter-attack and it is a disaster for the Romans. A unit of pikes and cataphract cavalry charge into a unit of legionaries but the most significant event was the Seleucid elephants charging the Roman heavy cavalry (circled in red), led by the Roman CinC. As was almost certain, the elephants slaughtered the cavalry and killed the Roman commander. Victory to the Seleucids.

Good game, a lot of aspects of the game covered and at least another 2 players joining Jason in the march towards 6mm armies.

Friday, 24 September 2010

6mm Dark age coming soon from Baccus

Just read the news section on the Baccus site and looks like they will be producing some Viking, Saxons and Normans soon Hmm? I Must say I normally wouldn't look at doing any of those in the grand scale but with further consideration 6mm Normans could be being ordered.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Total battle Miniatures.

I saw a 15mm scale display by these chaps a few years ago and to be honest Ive not seen better since. Now they've started producing for the 6mm and 10mm market so I'm sure they will be worth a look.Ive added the link to the list.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Diorama. Siege of Jerusalem

Put this together and painted about two years ago,but as Gripping Beast and Musketeer are now together I thought Id post these. Crusaders and Siege Tower are from the Beasties and the Arab type chaps are from Musketeer.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Another Command Stand.

Here the latest command stand for my Feudal German army as before figures TB Line, the helms are different on these chaps and banner Freezywater painted over.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Medieval German Command Stand..

Here's the start of a new 10mm Warmaster project.I'm going to put together a Medieval German Army.I will use the Barbarossa list from the book,its a little early for what I want but its usable. I'm going to use the Medieval range from TB Line, this will be the first time Ive used their Figs. I must admit these seem to be the best on the market at the moment a little fiddly to put together as the Cavalry come in three parts(Rider,Shield and Horse)but they are a fantastic figure to look at and paint. Ive not yet bought the remainder of the army (I got these Figs from VVV) so I'm not sure what the service from Italy will be but will let you know when I do.Well Ive gone on enough so here's the latest..Figures are TB LINE, Transfers are VVV, Banner is FREEZYWATER(painted over). Sorry about the quality of the photos,a new camera needed, so as always click to enlarge.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

DBA...As good as its always been.

Many years ago my Historical gaming started with DBA which I played none stop for at least two years, then off I went to discover all the other various rules sets and there(as you know) lots of good rules out there,Recently seeing Yorkies (steves) blog reports using DBA I thought hmm? I Could use my Impetus and warmaster armies for some quick war gaming. And you know...Its still a great game and as the introduction says ..."a tonic for the jaded..." And with possibly a new addition on the horizon things are looking up.. so hopefully there will be some DBA reports coming up in the next few weeks :-)

More Pendraken Tents.

Here's a few more photos of the progress my Medieval camp using Pendraken 10mm tents,as before transfers are from VVV.Next I will add some wagons and some sort of field defence.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

New Bridges from Kallistra

Heres the new 10mm scale bridges from Kallistra would cover any period from Medieval onwards.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

10mm Pendraken Medieval Camps.

I bought some Pendraken Medieval tents a while ago and with the thought of using camps in Warmaster Medieval (using house rules).This week I decided to put some paint on them, here's the first two.The heraldry isn't from any retinue or knight.I hand painted the Ermine on the smaller tent and the Fleur de lis are transfers from VVV medieval ranges.Trees and tree stumps are from Wood land scenics. (as always with the 10mm scale photos click to enlarge)

Monday, 30 August 2010

10mm In the Wargames press get it wrong...Agian.

Just reading through this months Wargames Illustrated, as always very a good wargames mag :-)....But as always showing photos of 10mm armies they got it wrong under a photo of a HYW era army they put ' archers at Bannockburn..'!!??(there's even knights on foot in full plate and a French banner and knight wearing Hounds Hood or Dogs Face Bascinet) when will the war games press do a good article on 10mm war gaming and show the right figure with the right caption. If it had been in 28mm and they have used HYW figures to show the battle of Bannockburn I'm sure the letters and e.mails would nave poured in.The miniatures are available for the Bannockburn era so why not use them?

Friday, 13 August 2010

This weeks game.(BKC2)

Here's a AAR of this weeks game of BKC2.The report and photos are by Justin (thanks Justin).I think Ive put the photos in the right order. (as always click on photos for a larger view)Enjoy:-)

OK so we had planned a big 6 player game but it got mucked up because we thought that Simon P and Oliver were coming down but they are due next week instead. So OK only 4 of us (Jason, James, Rob and me) a combined British/Russian force vs a German holdout force (based near a Tiger factory it seems). Scenario 6 Exploitation. In this game the table is divided into 3 bands; front, central and rear. If the attackers (the allied force) can capture the middle band they gain a minor victory and if they can capture the rear zone they get a major victory. Oh yes and they have 8 turns to do it in.
Forces; 4400 to the allies (they rolled +10%) and 2400 to the Germans (we rolled -10%). The German forces where mainly spent on Tigers (2 Tiger I and 3 Tiger II) with just enough infantry to claim the sectors. We were using 6mm models, basically to try the rules out but no reason not to use a larger scale - say 15mm - for better visual effect. Our 6mm armies work out about £40 a head (with a lot more tanks than we were using in this game.
The battlefield, with the Germans deployed in the central and rear zones, The allies use mobile deployment and move on from the table edge. German defences are based on a wood on the left (held by 2 Tiger I's) a wood in the centre bristling with German infantry (with panzershrecks) and hill on the right, dominated by a Tiger 2.

That heavily defended wood in the centre

Hill on the right with the Tiger II. More German infantry are manning the nearby hedges to protect the Tiger from close assault.

And on the left the wood held by Tiger I's supported by an infantry team.

The British arrive on the table, one tank brewed up by long range fire from the Tigers and 3 infantry groups suppressed.

The British artillery lays down a smoke screen to protect them from German fire but it drifts off target still allowing the Germans some targets.

British tanks taking fire but no tanks destroyed, just suppressed.

On the right the Soviets advance, T34s with infantry following on foot behind.

After overrunning the German infantry (who had no anti-tank weapons) the T34s advance and destroy the Tiger 2's. One was destroyed by an air strike and the other by massed fire from the advancing T34's.

Close up on the T34s

With the German right flank crushed, the Soviet infantry claimed the rear zone and contested the central zone. A major victory for the allies. We the Germans felt as the actual Germans must have felt in WW2. The allies dominating the skies and our superb tanks grossly out numbered by the attackers. I must buy some anti-tank guns.