Monday, 30 November 2009

Rebase.....Not agian!!!!...why?

Ive not posted in ages so here's where its at, My long time friend and regular Impetus opponent Mr Burns has moved to sunny Scotland (Good luck Tony).
So Its back to club play which is okay, there's a couple good of clubs in my area so should always be able to get a game. But the only game people are playing in 10mm is Warmaster which happens to be my second game of choice. Ive got all my 10mm armies based for Impetus so whats a man to do .....That's right REBASE!!.No point having all those armies and not using them. I will keep my 6mm armies based for Impetus and look at getting a 15mm army for Impetus also. And thats where its at. I will post some photos as soon as Ive taken some.