Friday, 10 July 2009

Burgundians so far and Late Crusaders the fall of Acre.

Had the camera out so took some photos of the Burgundians so far and my army for the late crusades/ fall of acre with Hospitaller military order, Cypriot knights and a unit of crusader knights sent by the pope. The standards and colours are of the order of Hospitallers(late), the Cypriots and the coat of arms of Jean de villiers who was master of the Hospitallers in 1291 when Acre fell.Burgundian figures are from Kallistra and based for Impetus and Late Crusaders are from Magister Militum and based for Warmaster


  1. Excellent stuff, especially like the shields. Having done both 10mm and 6mm armies for Impetus what do think the pros and cons are for each scale? I'm currently debating with myself which scale of the two I want to do my Punic Wars Impetus armies in and finding it difficult to decide.

  2. Being a 10mm painter myself, I really like your painting job. Congratulations! you have many great armies!