Sunday, 21 June 2009

The start of a Burgundian Ordonnance army for Impetus.

Having been undecided on which army to collect next I've gone for a Burgundian Ordonnance army. I will be using Kallistra 10/12mm miniatures having not used these before. I picked up the army this weekend from the Phalanx war games show and I have to say these figures very nice a good cast and being a 12mm appose to a 10mm there's a little more detail. I'm going to base them on 10mm base size (60 x 30 Inf/Art and 60 x 40 cav)instead of 15mm base size like I normally do hopefully I wont use as many figures this way. I will put on 12 fig's for Inf, 8 for Skirmish foot, 8 for light Cav and 10 for Heavy Cav so a big change in basing etc for me. Here are some photos of a couple of units before painting and basing they aren't great photos but you get the idea ie:This is the beginning.


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