Tuesday, 30 June 2009

ARRAGRH!!!! Not Another Rebase?....Oh Yes:-)

After deciding to base all new 10mm armies on the 10mm base sizes and seeing how good they look (the first four units for the Burgundians are finished, photos to follow when Ive time to take some). This weekend I re based my 10mm Lancastrian army from 15mm Impetus bases sizes to the Impetus 10mm base size from three rows down to two.Figures go further, the army hasn't lost its mass appeal and its allowed me to make up a more historical army IE: Men at arms dismounted and just one unit mounted (Hobilars) to stop anybody running away from the battlefield and mopping up during the enemy rout(Hopefully).

Sunday, 21 June 2009

The start of a Burgundian Ordonnance army for Impetus.

Having been undecided on which army to collect next I've gone for a Burgundian Ordonnance army. I will be using Kallistra 10/12mm miniatures having not used these before. I picked up the army this weekend from the Phalanx war games show and I have to say these figures very nice a good cast and being a 12mm appose to a 10mm there's a little more detail. I'm going to base them on 10mm base size (60 x 30 Inf/Art and 60 x 40 cav)instead of 15mm base size like I normally do hopefully I wont use as many figures this way. I will put on 12 fig's for Inf, 8 for Skirmish foot, 8 for light Cav and 10 for Heavy Cav so a big change in basing etc for me. Here are some photos of a couple of units before painting and basing they aren't great photos but you get the idea ie:This is the beginning.


Tuesday, 16 June 2009

6mm Romans rebased for Impetus

Here's some photos of my 6mm Early Imperial Romans re based for Impetus on the 15mm base sizes, miniatures are Baccus.Apologies for photo size and quality click to enlarge but maybe they are best viewed at smaller size (HA HA:-)